5 Best Android Apps Launchers to Change Your Phone Look

If you are looking for a way to customize your Android phone, the use of Android apps launcher should be your best choice. Android phone default home screen is well designed but there is nothing wrong in giving it more high-class and elegant look. This is one of the things you can do to make your phone look unique from other phones of the same model. Besides, these apps comes with powerful features such as dashing themes, classic icons and tons of options to ensure your Android phone look as awesome as you want it.

You can easily locate these free apps on Google play store. So if you are ready to transform your phone to a more stunning look then ensure you have any of the below best Android apps launchers on your phone.

Must Have Android Apps Launchers

  1. Nova Launcher

Personalize your android phone with this high performance, fully customizable and design-drive launcher. Nova Launcher is built and packed with everything you’ll need to beautify your home screen. The app gives you total control over the icons, layouts, animations and so much more. Nova launcher is loaded with awesome widget drawer and tons of icon themes that will make your home screen look unique. The infinite scroll provides you with wonderful experience and makes it easy to find pages.

It has backup feature that makes it super easy to backup & restore your desktop layout and launcher settings. It allows you to effortlessly insert any widget in your dock and import layout from most popular launchers. Nova Launcher is what you need to make your home screen come alive.

  1. Go Launcher

This launcher should be your best choice if you want to give your android elegant look and enrich life. It comes with flat interface design and easy to use panel that will enable you to quickly integrate some functionality on your android phone. Use Go Launcher to personalized and improve your phone operating experience. The app includes beautiful and awesome features that will style your desktop. Go Launcher comes with over 10000 awesome mobile themes to ensure your phone is adorn with variety of styles. It’s an app built with strong 3D engine which enable your phone to work very fast.

You will have over 25 screen animation effects to personalize your home screen. It has over 15 free app widgets that will change the look of your phone. It includes tons of icons to decorate and style your screen. There are so many other features that makes Go launcher a must have app.

  • CM Launcher 3D

Use this rich feature 3D engine powered launcher to personalize your android desktop. The app is well designed to give your phone awesome 3D transition effects, fast speed and customized operating experience. It has beautiful screen management interface that allows you to control the look of your home screen. With the aim of giving android users the best operating experience, CM Launcher 3D offers stylish and simple 3D screen navigation.

This app is built to supercharge your phone speed by 100 percent. You can work online at a high speed while apps are running on the background. Use the thousands of beautiful themes that come with this app to personalize your phone.

Quickly integrates animation and sound effects into theme to makes your phone stand out from the crowd. CM Launcher 3D integrates with AV-TEST, a powerful antivirus engine to protects your phone from hackers and malwares attacks.

  • Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher should be your best choice whenever you need flexible and design-driven launcher. The app is rated one of the best android launchers of 2015 due to the integrated great features and high performance. Its well built to personalize your home screen with colorful icons and themes. The featured Quicktheme is what you need to give your phone a unique style it needs. With this app you can be able to tweak the Google search bar at the top of the screen.

It has Quickdrawer that list all your apps in alphabetical order. Action Launcher 3 makes it possible for you to import from existing layout from other top launchers. The app features Google calendar icons that show accurate day for each day of the month.

  • Google Now Launcher

Use Google Now Launcher to make your home screen look sharp, clean and professional. Give your home screen the best look for easy access to search your phone features. It allows you to organize all your apps with fast scrolling and the app suggestions help you to easily locate any app.

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