5 Best Free Weather Apps for Android Phones

If you don’t ever want to be caught off guard by storm, rain, wind, sun heat or any other severe weather conditions then ensure you install weather apps on your phone. Weather apps are strongly designed with powerful features to help you track the current and future weather conditions. You will be provided with accurate weather forecasts of your location including other important cities around the world.

If you are using Android phone, the good news is that there are tons of useful free weather apps you can install to accurate weather status of your desire area. These weather apps can be found in the Google Play Store and they allow you to get every important details of weather report. Check them out below and see the one you can use.

  1. 1Weather

Use this great weather app to get accurate weather forecasts and current conditions on your Android phone. The app is packed with tons of beautiful tools and features to solve all your weather issues. 1 Weather app allows you to track and view temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar, sun and moon phases. It’s a well-structured app you can use it to track current weather status of up to 12 locations of your choice. With 1 Weather app, you will have at your disposal the current weather details, Access graphs and maps.

The app allows you to share weather status with friends and family via email and social media networks. The weather layer it covers includes: Dew point, clouds, Radar, surface Temperature, Wind Speed, UV Index, many more.

  1. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a cool app designed to provide you with all the accurate details of pressure, wind and chance of precipitation. The app allows you to view animated sunrise, sunset, wind, pressure modules. The app comes with advanced features and design to ensure you get the best weather report. You can use it to record the weather conditions of your favorite cities and destinations. Yahoo Weather app offers accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Yahoo Weather app is a nice choice if you want simple design and great features.

  1. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

With this app you can get full detailed weather forecasts of any location in the world. It gives you the correct weather forecast, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, visibility distance, ultraviolet index, dew point, wind speed & direction, precipitation in different unites and much more. The app features many beautiful widgets portrait and landscape mode. It has intuitive user interface and appears flawless in any Android home screen.

The widgets showcase current time clock, date, battery status, calendar events and weather conditions. It allows you to set your choice temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit. It offers current weather forecasts for up to 5 days, 10-days and hourly.

  1. Accuweather

Accuweather gives you the true weather conditions in any location of the world. The app can forecasts snow, ice, rain, wind, thunderstorms, relative humidity & direction, including current precipitation forecast, hyper-localized to any specified address or GPS location. It offers current news and weather videos to keep you updated. Use this app to get correct local forecasts for every latitude/longitude on earth. The app forecasts in 33 languages and dialects.

The good part of using this app is that it update every 15 minutes with the current humidity and percentages, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind speed and many more. With this app you will insights of the next five days weather status of your desire location.

  • Go Weather Forecast & Widgets

Use this app to view the latest and future weather conditions via widgets in various sizes. The app features stunning widgets and live wallpapers. Go weather forecast & widgets should be your best choice whenever you need clear weather report, such as temperature status, precipitation, humidity, pressure, pollen counts, UV index and much more. It provides hourly or daily weather status of temperature, wind, and much more.

Go Weather Forecast & Widgets app will notify you of any current and incoming weather danger. With this app you will get clear view of dynamic maps, radar and satellite images. The app integrates with AccuWeather app to give you total weather services you’ll ever need.

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