Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit Review

The slot car is the classic holiday gift, but it's a little difficult not to view them as somewhat dated.  If you haven't heard, Anki Overdrive is the latest product from San Francisco-based company Anki and it fuses the miniaturised fun of slot car racing with the arcade gameplay of Need for Speed or Asphalt; in essence it's Scalextric for the smartphone generation (with lasers).

If you like the idea of Scalextric, but don't want to go through the rigmarole of setting up the track each time, hurtling off the track on the first corner nine times out of 10, and then not really doing much but race around for a bit, then Anki Drive is certainly worth checking out.

All the heavy computational lifting is done by the Anki app on the iPhone of the person hosting the race: It handles all the maneuvers for any A.I.-controlled vehicles on the track; relays commands from the human players to their cars; and keeps track of where all the cars are in relation to each other.<img src="×210.jpg" width="254" />

The Anki Overdrive starter set sells for $149.99 (USD), though you can quickly rack up several hundred dollars if you go for something like their massive Mega Bundle , which includes a whopping 33 pieces of track, four cars, a jump ramp, banks, and guard rails.

For those who like to stay very organized, you can add fields to your notes to classify your content, such as book”, page”, and so on. Anki supports searching in specific fields, which means you can do a search for book:'my book' page:63” and immediately find what you're looking for.


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Doreatha H. Salmons

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