Barking While In The Car

Driving the modern car can be distracting. With electronic gadgets, sound systems, and the nonstop voice from your GPS system – not to mention keeping your eyes on the road – the ability to concentrate on your driving can be difficult. But many of us also add an additional distraction when our dog comes with us. Particularly a dog that barks at all that they see. They see a cat, then a house, then another dog, and they bark at each one, on and on. For many of us, the stress level is too much and we add to the cacophony by yelling at our dog But for many dogs this only gets them more agitated.

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The dog might even think that we are joining them as they bark at all the distractions, and they are pleased that they got their master to join in the chaos. But dogs make good pets when they are well trained, and that includes training your dog on when they should and should not bark. Non stop barking on any trip can be an annoyance, and a good dog owner should know how to silence their pet.

Here are a few ideas:

1. A dog takes his cue from his master. If you are loud, your dog will be also. But if you are calm and non-stressed, your dog will follow your lead. Gently petting your dog, and speaking softly, will send the message that it’s time to be relaxed and at ease. The dog gets your attention, which is what they want, and they can get it without the noise.

2. Some dogs need a little more persuasion. Some dog owners have trained their dog to stop whatever they are doing when the owner squirts them with water. A small squeeze might calm a barking dog, and it won’t harm the interior of your car. Most dogs, especially puppies, don’t like the squirt of water and will stop whatever they are doing that is aggravating you. Remember to speak softly to your dog afterward, and pet them gently so that they get rewarded with your attention for doing the right thing.

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3. If none of the previous ideas work, some dogs will only remain calm if they are transported in a crate. If the crate is kept below the level of the window your dog won’t see distractions when they look around. While this might not work as well with a large dog, consistent use of a crate will let your dog know that it is time to be quiet. Talking with your dog in a mild voice will also reassure them. You will get what you want, and that is a quiet ride with your dog.

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