Be Smarter With Your Smart Phone

Smartphones are becoming more and more pervasive with virtually everyone owning one. And everyone with a smartphone has their favorite apps and ways to use them for entertainment and mindless time wasting. But one of the promises of the smartphone is to become more productive and well, smarter. Here are strategies to use your smartphone to increase your productivity.

Process Email
For the most part, a smartphone isn’t a smart place to manage email. The small screen and inefficient keyboard doesn’t lend itself to reading and answering the quantity of email most of us get every day. But you can use the smartphone to process your email and make it easier once you get back to your computer. First scan your email to see if there is anything that requires your immediate attention and deal with those first. Barring that, delete emails that you don’t need to deal with at all. You can also use folders to sort your email and make you even more productive when you are ready to deal with them.
Manage Your Calendar
Any calendar worth using should either reside in the cloud or have the capacity to sync through the cloud. In this way, your calendar is always close at hand on your smartphone. In this day at age, having to tell someone that you need to check your calendar and get back with them just isn’t acceptable. Keep your calendar current and readily available on your smartphone to make scheduling decisions on the fly.
Catch Up On Your Reading
There are many apps available that let you clip, forward or store articles and access them later at your convenience. Keep an instance of one of these on your smartphone so that you can take advantage of any downtime or fill the time you are forced to wait with keeping current with articles, reports and other information that you need or want.

Any or all of these methods will help keep you more productive while you are on the go. And don’t forget the phone part of smartphone. Catch up on your phone calls and voice mail while you are out of the office.

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