Favorites Top Eleven Mobile Games

Mobile Games
As we all know many games that have been published in the Google Play store, but so few have made it to the top ten. The ones that do get to the top ten are some of the greatest. They lead examples of new age graphics and play style this is why there are the top ten. Now without further more to do I give you the Top Ten Mobile Games.

Here is number 1 on our list. Clash of Royale was built by Supercell who spent years and hours trying to release a game that could compete with their own game Clash of Clans. This game soared after many fans of Clash of Clans waited calmly for another game as great as Clash of Clans. A lot were happy, others not so much they were waiting for Clash of Clans 2, but many were happy to have a game that didn’t need stamina and you could play for hours at a time. This is why it deserves to be on the top 10.

Here is number 2 on our list Color Switch is by far the most aggravating and addictive game in the play store. It would be compared to Flappy Birds to 2015. It has much the same concept and even made a mini-series in the game of Flappy Bird. This game will have you playing and playing for hours and hours at the time trying to get just a bit farther each time . The different little games it has will keep you from boredom too. They keep on adding levels and new mini games so be ready for endless frustration and endless joy.


Now it wouldn’t be right not to add these classic, simple games that make it onto the Top Ten so here is one. This one is top 3 on our list. 360 Degrees is very basic but also very complex at the same time. The object is to spin the table while a ball is bouncing around and you must avoid the spikes. Sounds easy doesn’t it. Don’t let this game fool you, it is very complex but fun at the same time. This game will have you hooked in no time while raging at your phone.

Here is the 4th game on our list Mobfish Hunter is very addictive and very challenging, but also very easy to pick up on. You just have to admire the time it took to build this app and the graphics. You hunt mobfishes with grenades it’s like fishing on the max. The story is based in the year 2020 when fish have become monsters and it is the job of mobfiish hunters to cut them. Very simple and quick to pick up on if you,like fishing. If you like to play the games of diving as next happy at it. This all is some of what Boom Beach is like. Boom beach was created by Supercell to combine realistic fights with a fake world. You are a commander of a small island and your job is to free the other villagers from captivity of the evil general and eventually fight him.

The only aggravating thing about this game is the fact that you can’t upgrade your headquarters till your experience level is high enough. Otherwise, the troops are fun to use. You can have statues and you have backup brought to you by a warship. That you control by tapping. This game has a lot of potential but hasn’t had that many updates in a long time


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