Firefighter: Daigo of fire company manga

Megumi no Daigo, “Daigo of ‘Me’ Company”

Eighteen-year-old rookie Daigo, who has always wanted to be a fireman, finds himself assigned to disappointing desk work at the firehouse in sleepy Medaka-ga-hara (the “Me” of the original Japanese pun title). About thirty pages into the first volume, however, Medaka-ga-hara turns into the most disaster-prone area on Earth, and even when he’s just trying to go on a date, Daigo finds himself recklessly saving people from chemical spills, floods, escaped tigers, and fires, fires, fires! An archetypal shônen occupational manga, Firefighter follows its big-eyebrowed young hero as he learns the ropes, endures player-haters (“He’s a loose cannon, captain! How can you let a ticking time-bomb like that run loose!?”), and gradually becomes the world’s most awesome fireman.Review of attack on titan manga

The plot is basically a series of action scenes with a story loosely written around them; eventually Daigo joins the elite rescue division, but for most of the manga he just happens to be present at the scene of horrible disasters. Although the plot is repetitive, the action is well set up and has a real sense of danger and excitement. And between life-or-death situations, there’s lots of info about fire prevention, the importance of emergency exit signs, and the like. The art is on the realistic side, with dynamic figures and nice caricatural


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