How do I choose a Cologne for a Male Friend?

Cologne can be a wonderful gift if you happen to get the right fragrance for the right person. Doing so can sometimes be a problem because the essence of the fragrance may change dramatically after it is applied to their body. This is because each person has a unique body chemistry which is sometimes altered by their personal situation and recent circumstances which may have occurred in their lives.
Sickness, a change in routine, and stress are just a few of the factors which may cause a change in body chemistry.
Even slight changes as far as one of these conditions is concerned are often significant enough to change the fragrance. An altered diet or daily routine will also sometimes cause enough of a change in the ph or hormone level of the body to alter its chemical interaction with the fragrance.
The cologne which you choose for your friend or loved one needs to be a reflection of the very essence of his character.

Sometimes after much trial and error you may discover your signature scent. This will be the fragrance which seems to interact with your body better than any other. When you find this fragrance you will know it because it will just feel right.
Various ingredients are used to create cologne. Each cologne is different because perfumers may literally use hundreds of combinations of ingredients to give their product a unique fragrance that can’t be duplicated.
They will keep the ingredients secret as much as possible but good perfumers will be able to decode the finished composition to a large degree. It is just about impossible to fully decipher the total number of ingredients contained in the composition.

God of Cooking
Believe it or not we subconsciously associate different fragrance ingredients to different character types. I believe that if you choose the cologne according to the instructions that I am about to give you won’t ever go wrong.
Now allow me to say that as far as choosing and wearing fragrances is concerned it is really hard to go wrong. There are many useful guidelines which can be applied to choosing a fragrance. If the fragrance smells nice and you like it you can throw all of the rules out of the window. The cologne that you choose as your gift must make the person to whom you present it feel as if it is the perfectly natural thing for him to wear. In other words it needs to fit him like a glove.
The modern male
Times are changing and the young male of today doesn’t much resemble the young male of twenty years ago. Trends have evolved which call for newer bolder fragrances to help highlight new fashions. Perfumers have gone all out to create fragrances which are more radical than ever before.

The Amber Sword
Many of the trendy fragrances of today use ingredients to form compositions which we would have considered radical in my day. Some examples of these radical new products are Chrome, Fubu, and Hot water, just to name a few. They depart from the norm to move into uncharted waters. Many times what seems to be an unlikely combination of ingredients will turn out to be a smashing hit. This is why it pays to experiment.

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