How halal certification is awarded

For a company or a restaurant to sell halal food or to offer halal food, products or other ingredients, it is required to go through some tests to prove it.

Singapore halal certification is offered to such restaurants or companies after the halal accreditation process after which they are awarded with the global acknowledgment that they have fulfilled all the Sharia laws. However, the Laws of Sharia are to be followed by every single Muslim living on the face of the earth but the regulatory bodies for halal products and food vary from country to country and are different from continent to continent. At the moment, only two countries in the world Singapore and Malaysia are being provided with complete halal accreditation support from the government. While on the other parts of the world, different regulatory bodies and NGOs are responsible for giving out above  mentioned certification.

Everything is tested and given proper care while awarding a restaurant’s or company’s product, ingredient or food with halal label and it is made sure that the processing assures 100% guarantee of the halal product. Every step of the process is noted down carefully and in the end, the company or restaurant is provided with the certification. This makes it a solid process.

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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