How to create a Family Tree Display Table out of an old Box Frame

Large box frames that have become a little unsightly over time can be given a new lease of life with this easy project. Turn your unwanted deep picture frame into a lovely display table by simply adding legs. You can buy ready-made legs at most DIY stores or flat-packed furniture stores. Look in DIY store kitchen departments or in sections offering storage solutions and you’ll find table legs and casters in all shapes, lengths and sizes.
Here is how to create a family tree display table out of an old box frame:
You will need: Upgrade Specialist in Another World
• One large box frame or deep picture frame with backing and glass front • 1 sheet of sandpaper • Primer • Desired colour paint suitable for wood or metal, depending on what your box frame is made of; try either matching the colour of the table legs or contrasting it with the shade you choose for the box frame. • Four table legs • Old letters, photographs, suitcase labels and similar family mementoes • Felt-pen • Coloured craft paper • Double-sided tape or glue • Screws for the table legs • Screwdriver • Lint-free cloth
Instructions: Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
1. Remove the glass at the front. Using the sandpaper, prepare the box frame for priming and painting. Apply primer, wait until fully dried; now apply two coats of paint.
2. When the box frame’s paint has fully dried, turn it over and, using the screwdriver, fix one leg in each corner of the box frame. Turn your table right side up.
3. Cut the coloured craft paper to size to fit inside the box frame. Secure in place with double-sided tape in each corner. Position family photographs that show several generations, mementoes like letters or suitcase labels kept from favourite holidays, postcards and documents that are no longer needed on to the craft paper until you’re happy with the overall family tree display. Mark their position with a felt-pen; now glue each one into place.
3. Clean the glass both sides with a lint-free cloth and slide back into place. You now have a conversation piece and ice-breaker for your next family gathering!

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