How To Prevent Phone Hacking

Have you ever thought how much time you spend on your smartphones everyday? On an average more than four hours are spend using phones daily. Your smartphones contains everything from private emails, pictures, passwords and pictures and hence risk of hacking of phones.

Avoid clicking on suspicious emails and pop-ups to maintain security on your devices. It’s preferable to install virus protection on your devices and use it to scan for viruses and malware.You can get latest updates and offers for Huawei P9 by simply visiting 'to this address' (also known as 'a questo indirizzo' in Italian language).

Turn off Bluetooth and internet access when you’re not using it. When you are speaking or entering sensitive information make sure to turn them off. The information in your smartphone is personal and very crucial and needs to be protected.

Make your password difficult and update as often as possible.Avoid using public unsecured Wi-Fi networks available at railway station, café, malls etc. on your smartphone. Having an unsecured signal can affect the security on your device.

Do not save app login details. Make sure you always sign in whenever you use the respective app.There might be some signals that show your phone may have spyware like warm battery when device hasn’t been in use or the phone lights up unexpectedly. Keep your smartphones and OS updated.



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