Is Iphone 5 Really That Good In Gaming?

Since the first iPhone was released, there has been a new model every year after, and every year this has always sparked the debate as to if you should upgrade your phone or even which one you should start with if you want to get into the iPhone ecosystem. Each year they add more and more features, however, the difference between the phones is never an astonishing amount meaning it is usually up to the buyer if they want to shell out the extra cash the latest model will set you back over an earlier model. But does this make a difference if you plan to play games on your phones as these can be the most taxing programs you run on your phone and show the most difference between the newest and the phone you got?

At the heart of every phone is a CPU, this is the engine that runs everything. All the gaming data that goes through the phone at some point will pass through the CPU so having a faster one will obviously speed up the whole system and improve the gaming experience.
Between the 4 and the 4S, there is no change in clock speed in the CPUs, but the 4S contains a dual core over whereas the 4 has a single core. This means that all the gaming data will be processed a lot faster in the 4S and is probably why the 4 is starting to show its age.

Even though the 5 has a faster clock speed you will not see a massive jump in gaming performance from the 5 just because of the CPU. It has more to do with everything else in the phone also being that bit better, for example, there being twice as much ram in the 5 over the 4S to store and run the gaming data.
But what does this mean in terms of playing your games on the phones, though? Well to put it simply your 4S and 5 will happily play all sorts of games. From the smaller games such as the iPhone mobile casino games which can be played in the browser, right the way up to the more complicated ones found in the app store. There’s a game for any and every need either online or in the App Store. On an older device, you might find some performance issues in terms of playing all of these on the 4 comparing it to the newest model, and in the future paid apps will stop supporting the device completely. For a gamer, it’s always good to have the newest toys available.

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