Kalanggaman Island Day tour from Cebu

Philippines has been one of the top tourist destination to visit in the world and apparently it has a lot to showcase to its guests. Some of its scenic even made it to the top ten natural wonders in the world. Moreover, the country is also well-known to have the best beaches and marine ecosystem since it is composed of thousands of surrounding islands within, the country itself is pretty much encircled with water. One significant place in the Philippines that left tourists at awe is the Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. Although the island has been discovered long ago but the place remained as untouched as it may seem.

Foreign and non-local tourists keep coming back as they can’t compare the island to other spots that they’ve came to stay. The keepers of the island took pride of its beautiful and wonderful diving spots on top of that, its fish sanctuaries as well. Tourists prefer to go on recreational diving because of how diverse the sanctuaries are or the island has. Kalanggaman Island tour packages are made available to tourists as if they want to customize their itinerary in that island or they just want the convenience of going along with what the bundle tour has to offer.

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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