Law Transcription Services Can Provide a Lucrative Career

As legal matters are dealt with over the Internet at an increasing rate, law transcription has evolved as well. While a court reporter will still use a stenotype machine in a traditional trial to record the proceedings, many legal matters are settled out-of-court.  These days, the records for many out-of-court settlements are taped and then transcribed to hard copies that are given to the parties involved.  This means that more and more law transcription is required for these kinds of cases.

In response to the growing demand of clients who want their cases settled quickly out-of-court, there are many more law transcription services available.  Law transcription services are now used by police departments, lawyers, various industries, corporations, individuals, and the court system.  This means that legal transcription is needed for taped interviews, wiretaps, depositions, suspect interviews, witness statements, meetings, court proceedings, and any taped conversations that have to do with a case.  Because this taped evidence isn’t easy to distribute, law transcription is necessary to make sure that all parties have hard copies of all legal proceedings involving their case.

Now, thanks to the Internet, many law transcription jobs can be performed at home, and there are many companies that offer employment to qualified individuals who complete legal transcription training.  Legal transcription training can be completed online like other at-home degrees, and is a minimal investment for a field that is continually growing.  After you pass a math and English assessment, your legal transcription training school will give you an overview of your curriculum.  Most legal transcription training includes an education in law transcription, legal terminology, laws and the legal system, law transcription software, court reporting transcription software, and legal research.

While there are still many cases that go to trial, many of them are heard in private hearings where traditional law transcription by a court reporter is a costly and an unnecessary expense.  It is much more cost-effective to record the proceedings and then have a law transcription clerk generate a hard copy from the recording.  This is why it is important to look for legal transcription training that offers a course in court reporting transcription software.

Besides the court system, there are law transcription jobs in many other fields including televised news, advertising, the music industry, churches, radio broadcasting, motivational speaking transcription, library science, the insurance industry, and law transcription work for legal videographers.  In fact, many businesses need some sort of law transcription, which is why law transcription is a career with a future.

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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