Making the Best Use of Excel

Excel is perhaps the most commonly used productivity tool of the information age. This basic spreadsheet software has evolved to function in endless ways for unlimited business, organizational, financial, statistical and mathematical purposes. With the integration of VBA code, the possibilities are enormous.
However, harnessing all the options and optimizing them for your business requires skill and expertise. Lugh Services is a Canada based IT services provider with a global footprint and some of the most expert Excel programmers. The firm has an almost 30 year history of providing clients like Desjardins and CGI with premium services.
Are you trying to integrate dynamically changing customer sales data into a spreadsheet so that you can update projections in real-time? Are you analyzing stock or bond prices that are changing by the moment? Are you integrating data from Microsoft Access to your Excel Workbook? Lugh has the consultants to make these goals a reality at a fair price with a rapid turnaround.
For example, Lugh has helped customers to create a custom CRM system with the simple Excel interface. Rather than learning all of the tools and procedures (not to mention the expenses) of a large CRM provider, you can create a much simpler experience. Lugh helped a rapidly growing firm to integrate its customer data through Microsoft Access and onto and Excel platform. We utilized VBA programming to create customized views and sales analysis that were optimized for the firm. The result was a much simpler, more convenient and ultimately less expensive solution then the large CRM software solutions.

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