New York City Real Estate Market Analysis – Year End ’06

The hot summer has transformed into a cool winter as we enter the month of December. The mid year rental furor has found some conclusion and deals are slower than previously. It is safe to say that this thiet bi nghe len  is to demonstrate that the condition of the business sector is getting ugly and the air pocket has at long last blasted?

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Various financial specialists contend both sides, however one and only issue is clear; Manhattan costs may not be at their pinnacle, but rather they are a long way from down.

As indicated by Daniel Baum, C.O.O. of The Real Estate Group, NY, rental opening are still at record lows regardless of the expansion in availabilities. Costs have settled for the occasion, yet remember; they are still 15% higher than a year ago. It is still a landowners market as there are insufficient flats for the flood of new occupants that look for the city way of life. When Spring and Summer 2007 move around once more, the furor will return because of new hirings and understudies entering post-optional schools.

As indicated by The Real Deal, J.P. Morgan contracts 500 graduates each year and NYU and Columbia report surges in applications. Also, the larger part of these thiet bi nghe len  individuals can not stand to buy a home and will be compelled to lease a flat, strengthening the tight market.

On the business end of the business sector, costs have dropped as there is a distinction amongst merchants and purchasers. Venders end up unwilling to diminish their cost for their home as their neighbor could close at that sum.

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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