Planning A Second Honeymoon – A Quick Guide To Success

If you’ve decided it’s time to take a second honeymoon, you are probably wondering how to go about planning one. It’s a great way to rejuvenate your marital life especially for a couple that’s been married for many years. It’s a chance to get out of your daily routine and focus on your marital romance again. Get a sitter for the kids and put the to-do list away for a while so that you can enjoy a relaxing second honeymoon. When you’re ready for a break from the daily grind and you need a guide to successfully plan your second honeymoon, try these tips to make it a great one.
Timing Choose an inconvenient time to go on your second honeymoon. Many couples look for a significant milestone to celebrate, like a first, fifth or even 25th anniversary. There are no rules and your second honeymoon doesn’t have to fall during an anniversary. Think about when a busy season at work is expected to die down and consider planning it during a slower season. Is life steady right now but your marriage is on the rocks? That is a good time to take a second honeymoon and try to pull your marriage back together with some peace, joy and alone time.
Planning it as a couple One great way to start the second honeymoon off right is to plan it together as a couple. Having this bonding experience of planning the honeymoon and taking it together will make it more enjoyable during the trip. You’ll know that each of you put in your interests and desires into the decisions and there won’t be any feeling from either of you that the trip is focused on one person’s wants more than the other’s.
Trip priorities It’s important that you decide together on a few questions that pop up with trips. Some trips might require much traveling for a short visit to a rare, unique, exotic place while a shorter trip to a place near you that would allow you more time to enjoy at the vacation spot may be available. Which is more important to you? Sometimes a far away unique scenery is the perfect option while for others, a long trip to the destination may be too overwhelming.
What to do on your second honeymoon Planning a few key elements for the honeymoon is going to make the trip fulfill its purpose. Be sure to plan together to accommodate both of your preferences and plan time to relax. For couples that have different interests, it’s acceptable to plan a few hours of one day apart to enjoy your own activities. Perhaps one of you wants a day at the spa while the other wants to go fishing. Be sure to limit this to a short time so that you can enjoy the company of each other for the bulk of the trip. Consider trying the activity that the other enjoys to discover something new and to show effort towards your spouse. Otherwise, this may give you time to reflect on your marriage and what you appreciate about one another before meeting back up again.
It’s important that the trip covers an exciting thing that you can do together and involves doing a new activity together. This could be the same thing. Consider going on an excursion, doing something thrilling like bungee jumping or learn how to ski together. Consider going scuba-diving together at a beach resort.
Finally, be sure to choose a location that fits the goal of the trip. For a quiet getaway consider an isolated villa or private island resort.

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