Rookie Mistakes That Sabotage Your Golf Game – Alignment

It is a fairly obvious statement, but if you don’t aim in the right direction you are unlikely to hit your intended target. If you were shooting a gun you would have the target in your sights, but when it comes to striking a golf ball, it is very different. You will be standing at right angles to the ball and parallel with the line to the intended target, but you will not be able to see it. The work that you do before you address the ball will be the determining factor in whether or not you have a chance of hitting the ball to the target. Success at golf is about consistency and that consistency begins with alignment. Beginners often find it difficult to appreciate the importance of the moments just prior to hitting the ball.

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The Practice Ground

A great deal of work can be done on the practice ground. It is there where a golfer can stand behind the ball and decide on the line to the target. In practice, a club can be placed behind that ball and then another placed parallel to that club, all for the purpose of identifying the place for the feet to be placed at address. The feet should be square with the shoulders. It does not take a great deal of time to set that up, though once on the course, there is no option for using any artificial aids. It is a matter of being able to imprint what is done on the practice ground into the mind, so that it can be replicated consistently on the course.

Get the Correct Priorities

The problem is that many rookies take to golf and get hooked, but do not realize at first, how difficult the game can really be. Those who can hit the ball a long way off the tee can be too focused on length, with a tendency to ignore accuracy or the reality of whether or not their length translates into good scores. Often the wider a ball goes off the fairway, the deeper the trouble, or the more likely that it will be lost.

The secret of alignment includes:

  • Square feet, hips and shoulders as you address the ball.
  • A parallel line between the intended path of the ball and those feet.

The challenge then is to ensure a good strike, where the club face meets the ball square on. Failure to master this is likely to restrict the progress that any rookie can make. It is too easy to fall into the trap of over compensating in the swing. A slice or a hook, a loss of length or your ball off the fairway or green are just some of the potential consequences of such over-compensation.

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Your mind can be a great help in golf. If you are able to visualize your shot and automatically take your stance so that you are in sync with the target, you are giving yourself a good chance of being able to strike the ball in the intended direction. You must practice in order for good habits to become natural, because when you go on to the course and you are under pressure, you want your mind to work positively for you, not to create tension within your body and hence your swing.

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