[Series] How to set up a Wedge shot – The Extra Club

How to set up a Wedge shot – Lob or Sand?

Now that you know which club to use you can set-up for the shot. This is where you’ll need that extra club. At the practice range choose a target, find one that is close enough that you can visualize the line between your ball and the target. Imagine a straight arrow between where your ball is sitting and where you want it to land.

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Place the extra club on the ground along this line. The shaft of the club should be pointing towards the ball and extending backwards between your feet. This is the line of your shot, and it is an important reference for you. The reason it’s so important is that it is a physical and visual aid where before you had none. Many people are visual learners and simply repeating the process over and over doesn’t have any effect. Having the visual line of the club can make all the difference. You’ll want to have the ball in the middle of your stance (we’ll go more in depth with this later).

Lining the shot up right might seem like an obvious one but when you’re taking the shot the fact that you’re going to come out of the swing a little to the left can sometimes mean a lot to the left if you’re not conscious of that direction line.

Setting up a wedge shot can often be as easy as counting the buttons on your shirt. Line the buttons of your shirt up in front of the ball. If you’ve got a habit of hanging back and hitting your wedge with too high of a trajectory this can be a much easier way of lining up as it forces you to keep your head down when taking the shot.

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