Speed Up Your Profits with HUD Software

A HUD or Heads Up Display is a tool used by online card game players to display statistics on other players at the table directly around their name. For skilled players, this tool is just indispensable. Professional players often play several tables at a time. Many players will play 4-16 tables at once across several monitors. When you play on this many tables and hands simultaneously, it is virtually impossible to keep track of the playing style of every opponent at the table. The HUD can help to keep track of who plays how by just looking at their statistics before you act. So, how does it work basically?

The HUD software uses a hard drive to store hand histories for every hand that you play online. These hands can then be imported into the tracking software and then it is compiled into a database. The HUD will then read this database along with current hand histories for live tables and display the statistics directly on the table to help card game players to make quick decisions. The players make quick decisions based on the playing style and weaknesses of their opponents without having to actually watch every hand closely.  

Anyone playing card games online should be using a heads up display. The professionals are using them, shouldn't you?

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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