The Community Concerns About Dog’s Bites

There are many radio programs that are dedicated to dogs, and we always hear the owners begin with "My dog is probably the sweetest dog there is", or "Since I gave my dog the best dry dog food for Pitbull, he turned into a wonderful guardian for the house". What we do notice is that the word "aggressive" is never used. However, in real life, there are many dogs that can be labeled as aggressive.

We do love our dogs, yes, but as a dog parent, we know that no matter how much love is given to these kids, whether the best dry dog food is provided or not, what cute nicknames do we give them, they are still animals that stay lower than us in the evolution tree, and they have this propensity for aggression. Owning a canine and strengthen the bond between us and the dogs bring so many benefits to our life, like decrease of stress, appreciation for life, but there is an alarming number of 4 million dog bites per year that happen in the United States, of which every one in five needs emergency medical help. More than often, it is a member of the family who is bitten by the dog. This is probably the reason why some people regard dogs as aggressive pets that they don;t want to have in the house. 

With that said, a bite from a dog is not necessarily dangerous. There is a National Dog Bite Prevention Week that raises attention to this matter, as well as draws awareness as of way to better observe and understand the dog's behavior. People are also taught how to use careful management and supervision on the dog and other younger members of the family. This is a time that everyone works together as a dog parents community and decreases the unfortunate incidents. We don't bond with our dogs only, we bond our human relationship together.

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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