The Main Causes Of Yellow Teeth

To really know how to keep your smile looking great, you need to understand the different causes of yellow teeth. When you know what makes your teeth look this way, you can do certain things to keep from allowing this to happen to you.

Below are some of the main causes, as identified by the medical community today – according to website Eliminating some of these things from your life can really help to make a difference in the health and appearance of your teeth.

Foods and Drinks

One of the main causes of yellow teeth is simply the way that they come into contact with so many different items over the course of a day. Do you drink coffee? It can stain your teeth over time if you do not wash the dark liquid off of them.

The same can be said for things like apples that you traditionally would think of as very healthy and nutritious. They are good for your body, but they can change the color of your teeth. It is also wise to consider tea, soda, wine, and any foods that contain artificial dyes.

The Use Of Tobacco

This is one of the causes of yellow teeth that corresponds with other health problems. If you smoke cigarettes, they can stain your teeth over time. Cigars are no better unless they are used very sparingly.

Chewing tobacco may be the worst of all of them because of the way that the juice sits on your teeth for long periods of time. Unlike coffee or tea, tobacco may stain your teeth in just one place. This can make it more noticeable. When you have a single spot of yellow on otherwise white teeth, it will really be obvious when you smile.

Not Practicing Good Dental Hygiene

Your dentist will already have told you how brushing your teeth can help to fight cavities, but has he told you that neglecting to do so is one of the main causes of yellow teeth? You need to brush twice a day.

It is also a good idea to use floss and fluoride before the day is over. If you do not do this, you will not remove food particles and plaque from your teeth. They can cause a lot of damage to your enamel. They can also change the color. This is especially true if you eat a lot of the foods that were mentioned before. The best way to combat their effects is to brush the debris away when you are done.

Various Oral Diseases

One of the more frustrating causes of yellow teeth is disease. You may have a disease that eats away at the natural enamel on your teeth. As it does so, the enamel can change colors.

This can happen even if you avoid things that will stain and you brush every day. You need to get medication to cure the disease. When you take care of the root of the problem, the symptoms will all go away as well.

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