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Wedding Reception Venues and Importance

of Proper Table Layout in Turning Wedding Reception into a Memorable Event

wedding reception venuesTable layout at wedding reception venues can be quite difficult to plan, but if done in the right manner, can certainly encourage conversations, mingling and celebration. By properly planning table layout, you and your partner can make sure the wedding reception turns out to be a memorable as well as successful one.

How to plan table layout?

Table layout planning is to be done in phases where in the first phase you need to plan a layout for the room and after that second phase would involve planning layout for the individual tables and head table. Let us go through the details you need to keep note of during this table layout planning process.

Phase I – Room Layout

Tables used at venue depends primarily on shape of the room as well as upon number of invitees. As for instance, if the number of guests is large then long rectangular tables would be a better option and offer optimum utilization of available space. Similarly, in case of narrow wedding reception venues, long tables are more suitable and if the room has an uneven shape then round tables will be an appropriate choice.

Some of the other aspects which need to be considered while planning table layout would consist of:

  • Proper Visibility: Key locations at the venue should have clear visibility from each and every table. Grand entrance, cake cutting, first dance and wedding toasts are some of the popular moments during wedding reception and your invitees should have good nem van thanh  visibility from their tables so that they can enjoy as well as capture these unforgettable moments.
  • Dancing: Table layout should be such that there is sufficient space for the dance floor and crowding at the dance floor can be avoided.
  • Space for Movement: Tables need to be arranged in such a way that people can easily move around, move to buffet area, mingle with each other, go towards the dance floor or the bar.
  • Adequate Lighting: Lighting is another aspect which is to be taken into consideration while setting up the tables. As such, there should be proper lighting so that guests are able to fully enjoy the dinner.

Phase II – Individual Tables & Head Table

Individual Tables

After layout for the tables has been planned, the next step would be to look into arrangement of individual tables. Some of the things you will have to look into would consist of:

  • Couples: Table arrangement should be such that couples get to sit together.
  • Compatibility: Guests should be sitting with others according to compatibility. As for example, guests of similar age group, interests, hobbies or careers should generally be sitting together.
  • Decoration: Decoration for tables should be such that it does not create any interference in conversation between guests.

Head Table

Head table is of significant importance at wedding reception venues and you need to pay special attention towards its layout. Few of the things to look into would consist of:

  • Increasing visibility of the table using elevated or tiered design.
  • Have special decoration for the table so that it can be easily distinguished from other tables. As for example, special lighting, backdrops and attention grabbing centerpieces can be used for this purpose.
  • Arrange the table in such a way that everyone sitting at the table would be facing the invitees.


As we can see, a lot of planning is required for making nem van thanh  proper table arrangement at wedding reception venues, but if done properly, can certainly help to make the reception a unforgettable one.

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