Top 3 addictive Game Apps on Android

If you are looking for the addictive game apps that can keep your Android phone lively then here they are. These games are crafted to provide an easy way to light up your fun. You don’t have to be bored anymore because with these apps you will be having a good time without talking to anybody. It will be only you and your phone completing a challenge in a graphics form. You can easily find them on Google play store with description on the best way to play them.

Best Game Apps on Android Phones
1. Dream Leagues Soccer
This is an addictive soccer game app you can install on your Android phone and play like you never done before. You will enjoy this game if you are a soccer fan. It has the settings of real life football system. It allows you to build active team by the use of depth transfer system.
Just like in live soccer, you can build a team that can reach 32 players and train them to reach the potential of professional players. You can be able to increase ball skills, ability to bounce well and much more. It has high resolution animation and over 60 special cerebrations signal to make the game very interesting. This game comes with complete soccer package that will make you to never stop playing it once you have started.
2. Fifa 16 : Ultimate
This is an addictive game that will keep you glue on your Android phone. You will experience everything that has to do with professional football playing in this game, including attacking, touch net goal, strong defense, and marking. The console-like graphics even make it more appealing because it will appear as if you are right in the stadium. Select from over 10,000 players of 500 licensed teams and initiate attack against other players.
The powerful set of football features that are integrated in this game will make you to become addicted to it. Be well prepare for enhance controls, great moves, well-trained team players and more goal scoring. Just don’t let it take your whole time because the improve skill moves, impressive goals, active controls, sharp teammates and perceptive visuals will win your heart into desiring the game all the time.
3. Shadow Fight 2
This is an action packed game you will never get lose interest playing. The game is loaded with interesting challenging hit of classical and RPG fighting. Shadow game allows you to fortify your fighters with numerous dangerous weapons and armor sets for ever actively combat. It comes with so many active animated martial arts tricks which you can use to destroy your enemies and be the last one that will shut the Gate of Shadows.
It has responsive fighting interface designed for touchscreens to ensure easy play. You need to get into this game of fighting the demons and see what it feels like to be the one that will end a terror. The kick, punch, jump and slash associated with fight will make you to come back for more. It’s an addictive game that will make you feel like you are fighting live battle.

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