Useful running tools

One of the most essential items and running tools for a beginner is a pair of good running sneakers. You’re going to spend many hours as a distance runner in those shoes, so it is important that they are a perfect fit. Comfortable running shorts and a shirt that will help put the sweat away will help facilitate your running as well. The lighter your dress, the better it will be for your movement. For women, a good sports bra, tights and skirt are good. Whatever you wear, it should be reflective to prevent accidents in the traffic. Generally, runners are potentially less visible to drivers, especially during night one should be careful.

Comprehension socks should be worn as they are comfortable and better for long distance runs. If it is summer and you are planning to run more than 3-4 km’ s, then you must take a water bottle with you. You can bring one that is light to carry whilst running, or you can get a water belt with small water bottles attached, that’s the one I prefer to use when running long distance, after a while you don’t notice it. You could also take a running watch with you, but a smartphone could be even more preferable if you can manage to carry it, there are holsters for this also. With the smartphone, you can download running apps like Run Keeper or Daily Mile. These will help you keep track of your speed, distance and daily progress.

Do carry a runner’s belt containing your ID, some cash and energy gels in case of any kinds of emergencies. Sunscreen is a must for summer days. Overheat and sun rays can also cause considerable damage to the eyes, so wearing sunglasses is good during this season. For the winter season, you could carry a hat/ beanie for covering your ears and a jacket for protection from the cold wind. Double layer socks could be worn to protect the legs from blister. It all depends on how cold it is where you live during winter time.

Running is a wonderful exercise, but when you are running for a long time all alone, you sometimes get bored. So in this case, if you have a smartphone with you, you can download some good tunes and listen while running. Some good music can help you keep the pace and strengthens you to keep on going. Some people prefer to listen to audiobooks while running, it all depends on what you like.

Some experienced runners also carry heart rate monitors with them, they will provide information on whether it is better to slow down or to speed up. They can also provide early warnings for illnesses etc. You shouldn’t lose hope and give up on running if you are hurt. If you meet all the necessaries and keep the essential tools with you, you can reduce a lot of pain and trouble. A little bit of consciousness can help you achieve your goal and your efforts can be successful. Remember, start slow and take it step by step and you will become an advanced distance runner.

Source: www.mudsweatandtears.co.uk

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