Whale shark and Canyoneering Package in Cebu

Whale sharks are not seen in any open sea but only in certain areas where their body can adopt and find food for them to be fed. There has been occasional visits by these creatures in the open sea of Oslob and apparently they have been visiting the area for quite some time. It later on became a tourist attraction wherein tourists  from all walks of life can swim along with it and recreational scuba divers are pretty much welcome as well. Canyoneering is another land activity which is located in the south portion of Cebu still. Tourists can enjoy more than 2 hours of trekking until they reach Kawasan falls. Cliff jumping can be done as well during the tour with the consent of their guides however.

A canyoneering and whale shark in one day tour have always been the best day tour adventure that most of them (tourists) seek out and over time, it has been that way. Foreign tourists and non-locals as well are not staying too long in the place so that is why the perfect option would be to do everything in one day. Expectations have always been met to their heart’s content, taking advantage of the place and incorporate it with a fun filled adventure or sport. 

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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