What does an SEO expert do to improve ranking

SEO companies have some tricks on their sleeve to put your website on top of the list. Actually what they do is so simple, you can actually do it by yourself. Here are some of their secrets revealed on how to put your website on top of search results as mentioned by Google webmaster guidelines:

  • Make a site map on parts of your website so that it can be easily searched by the search engine (search also means ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’).
  • Content must be original, not stuffed with unnecessary words or links. Wisejug is a great example of original content. It posts about dieting and all the content is original.
  • Think on a website searcher’s perspective. What will you type if you want to find your website? Put this on your content and for sure your rankings will increase.

A lot of people are wondering why they should perform to their web page. Some say it makes some money. But it is more than that. SEO or search engine optimization has been used for more than a decade to put a website on top of the list. Here are the benefits of a web page that is SEO optimized:

  • Increase visibility – this is the most important aspect of SEO. If your website is visible on every search, chances are there will be visitors.
  • Targeted visitors – some visitors are looking for various products and services. If your website has good ‘keywords’, this will attract visitors which can become potential customers.
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Doreatha H. Salmons

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