What Is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is obviously a very current phenomenon for the summer of 2016 but the origins of Pokemon are traced back to the early 1990s. This was the period when Satoshi Tajiri, a game designer, came up with the idea and initial concept of Pokemon.

The game was based on Satoshi’s memories of collecting insects as a child. As an adult working in the games industry, he was able to create a game that drew on these memories and the thrill of adding to your collection.
The game came to life with the assistance of Nintendo and Ken Sugimori, the illustrator who was responsible for drawing over 150 of the first Pokemon. The first Pokemon game thiet bi nghe len  was released for the GameBoy handheld console and if you are wondering what the name means, it is a condensed version of “Pocket Monsters”.
The very first Pokemon game saw the player cast in the role of a trainer who was looking to capture all of the different types of Pokemon.
With each Pokemon having a unique look, characteristic, personality and abilities, there was a chance for players to develop empathy with individual characters while also getting to know what they had to offer. Certain Pokemon engaged and interacted with other Pokemon in certain ways, which meant that there was a whole world to become immersed in and follow.
Unsurprisingly, the game was a huge hit and in 1997 in Japan, and a year later in the United States, there was a Pokemon TV show. This brought the phenomenon to a wider audience.
July 2016 is all about Pokemon

There have been various Pokemon games and pop culture references over the years since but in July 2016, the release of Pokemon Go has captured the interest of the world. Released on the 5th of July, the game has been made available for smartphones with versions available for iPhone and Android users.
The game is able to track where the player is and offers a real time Pokemon environment. The game is being hailed as a great way to encourage thiet bi nghe len  children to explore the world around them and as with any Pokemon release; it is a game that is adored by as many, if not more, adults than youngsters!
While it is far too early to say that Pokemon Go is a must have game or that the majority of people are using the game, the early figures for downloads are very impressive. For instance, in the space of a week, there have been downloads of Pokemon Go than there have been for Tinder, which is probably the world’s most popular dating app. Take on board the fact that Tinder has been available for four years and you quickly realise that Pokemon Go is a phenomenon happening right in front of us.
While there are many different opinions about the new Pokemon Go game, there is an acceptance that your environment and how you engage or interact with what is around you will impact on the level of enjoyment you will receive from the game. When you are close to a body of water, you should find that there are water based Pokernon and if you are in a park setting, you should find plenty of Pokernon that thrive on grass.
Pokernon Go should encourage interaction

This sounds straightforward but the fact that the game is different for individual users is a huge thrill for many people. Of course, people in the same environment should experience a similar style of game and if there is hope that Pokernon Go will thrive, it is down to an increased level of integration and social interaction of the game.
This may be an area that some people or parents have an issue with, and that is understandable. If your kids are on their mobile phone and having the chance to engage with others, you want to make sure that they are safe and not being put into positions they shouldn’t be in. At the moment, this isn’t a feature of Pokernon Go so it isn’t something to overly worry about but it is definitely something that people are looking to develop.
At the moment, with so many new players coming to the game and the whole thing being new, many players have reported bugs and glitches. Over time these will be ironed out and improved but anyone looking for a perfect gaming experience at this point in time may find themselves a little disappointed.
As for the gameplay itself, it is about “catching” the Pokernon, which you do by flicking your finger on the screen, which throws a ball at the creature. There are ways to engage with other Pokernon in “gyms” which are the landmarks in the game and you can train with friendly Pokernon or battle against other types of Pokernon. While the game is still evolving, one of the most popular features comes with taking over a gym. If you can pit your wits against the player that currently owns the game in a battle, and defeat them, you will be the player that owns that gym. This isn’t going to give you any money or tangible reward but when it comes to “online kudos”, it is definitely something that will appeal to most players.
Things to bear in mind when you play Pokernon Go include:
• Don’t play the game when you are driving or supposed to be focusing on something else

• The game will use a lot of data so make sure you have a suitable data plan in place

• There are in-game purchases available as part of the game so watch your or your kids spending

• The game can drain your battery quickly
There has already been a rise in demand for external batter chargers and portable chargers that allow people to keep juiced when they are on the move. If you are involved with the selling of these products, this is a boom time and you should look to promote these batteries and chargers to Pokernon players. There is branded Pokernon chargers lined up to be released later on this year, which will be hugely popular but with so many players immersed in the game right now, there is a market for additional phone power right now, and some parties will benefit greatly from the release of Pokernon Go.

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