What to Look For in a Divorce Lawyer

Many individuals hire a wedding planner, but no one thinks to plan a divorce which is more complicated. What happens is foreseeable. No plan, no goal, just money down a bunny hole. People come to me unhappy and complaining about their lawyers and how their case is dwindling apart. What do I hear the most? You can know more about lawyers nyc via various websites.

  • Losing custody to abusers.
  • Losing money to spouses who hide assets.
  • Spent a lot of money and see no positive outcomes.
  • Talked into expensive referrals to therapists, accountants and others.
  • The attorney is too busy to talk.
  • The attorney missed a deadline or didn't do findings.
  • Ignored by the attorney.
  • Verbally abuses them.
  • Threatens to quit right before a trial or hearing if more money isn't paid right away.

How did it get to this point? You felt so contented in the first meeting. The attorney promised you the moon and you felt so taken care of.

The attorneys often come from other spheres (often personal injury) because they hear how much money they can make in domestic law. Family law isn't taught in law school, these attorneys are learning on the job. Worse, they don't know anything about cash and complex issues with stocks, companies or even a family business. It has become so costly that half of the divorcing population can't even afford an attorney and are forced to represent themselves.

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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