What You Should Do When You Meet with Our Rheumatologist

Riverside Medical Group is the leading adult medical action in New Jersey. We adopt the principle of giving medical home service to the patients. Our high standard care covers young adults, parents, and grandparent. We offer various medical action to our patients. We would like to give you what our rheumatologists do our patient. Our rheumatic diseases patients are autoimmune diseases, systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and so on. Well, what you expect when to meet with our rheumatologist in your first treatment, here is the answer! physical therapists

1.    Question Answer Session 

The honesty is the best key to this treatment. You should be ready to answer the question. The rheumatologist will ask you at the first time. The question you should answer is “what brings you here”. Then try to give an honest answer about your condition. Tell your doctor how you feel, how long you suffer it and tell what you take care of it by yourself. This session becomes your opportunity to ask a question related rheumatic disease as much as you can. It fact, it will help to maintain the condition when you are in the home. physiotherapy

2.    Do the Psychical Exam  

The next step is the physical exam. The doctor will examine from your head to toe including skin, mouth, and eyes. He will look for any inflammation and rashes in your body. the doctor also does knee injections, trigger point injections, and trigger finger injections. Then, the doctor will check your heart, lungs, and bowels. After that, the doctor will find out if it is painful in your joints. They may take blood in order to show signs of inflammation or infection, it can give a picture of your joints damage. 

Our rheumatology providers are supported with accommodating medical, helpful, and friendly staffs. They will give you the first class services with an up-to-date medical equipment. 


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Doreatha H. Salmons

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