Why We Call Pit Bulls Angels

The best dry dog food can be expensive, and caring for a pet can be tiring, and among all dogs, Pit Bulls have a lot of bad reputation. Then why is that many people want to keep a Pit Bull? I don't know about other people, but for me, he is an angel.

My George the Pit Bull is amazing. He gives everything to me, his heart, his soul, his life. He does anything I ask, as long as I give him the best dry dog food for Pitbull. He has this never quit attitude that no other can compare

George also has this courage that is second to none. The breed excels in many activities that require stamina, such as search and rescue. Many times I have seen on television the rescue mission involving many dogs. Hours, after the other dogs have given up on their finding tracks or the strict weather conditions, have put them behind, only the pit bulls don't stop until they find the one in need. These gentle souls are excellent for therapy and servicing works.

Pit Bulls have so many amazing traits, like gentleness, a desire to be attached to humans or their temperamental stability. If anything, these are the foundations of the pit bull breeds. You may not believe this until you see the footage of pit bulls get rescued from inhumane circumstances. Even though they are so skinny, scarred and hurt, but when they see the rescuers, they still show happy moves with wagging tails and happy tounges. 

I can only explain this by thinking the love for the human is so deeply rooted inside these cuties, so much that such horrible cruelty can't make them lose the love. When you decide to bring a dog in the pit bull breed inside your home, you have become an ambassador for all of us. Therefore, learn about them so that you can be a responsible owner. 

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Doreatha H. Salmons

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